Wholesale Inquiries

We are delighted to provide substantial discounts on bulk sparkler orders, catering to both retailers and re-sellers. To initiate the process of obtaining a wholesale ordering account, kindly complete the form provided on the right. Once your submission is received, we will be in touch with you promptly. 


Who should buy wedding sparklers in bulk?

  1. Wedding Planners: Wedding planners frequently buy our sparklers in bulk to create memorable moments and add a touch of magic to their clients' weddings. We are currently working with five wedding planners who purchase sparklers in bulk to resell to their clients!

  2. Event Venues: Event venues, such as banquet halls and outdoor spaces, purchase bulk sparklers to offer as an option for couples hosting weddings and special events at their locations. We have seven wedding venues that order in bulk regularly!

  3. Party Supply Stores: Stores specializing in party supplies often stock bulk wedding sparklers to cater to customers planning weddings and other celebratory occasions.

  4. Photographers and Videographers: These professionals buy sparklers in bulk to enhance their photography and videography services, capturing stunning moments during weddings and events. 

  5. Online Retailers: Online retailers frequently purchase bulk sparklers to sell to consumers and other businesses, offering a convenient option for those planning weddings and special events.

Am I eligible for an account?

After submitting the form, our team will contact you via email for more information about your business. If you plan on purchasing multiple times then the chance of getting approved will be much higher. Please do not submit a form if you wont be able to meet the wholesale minimum order value. Serious inquires only. Please email us at sales@weddingsparklersnow.com if you have any questions.